Bosch Washing Machines – Advantages To A Bosch Washer

If you have considered Bosch washing machines, then you have to look at it as an investment and you want it to clean your clothing and other washable items thoroughly and last for years as well. Choosing the right washing machine for your family is important. If you are in a market and want to buy top washing machines, then checkout best washing machines in India here.

If you look at just the upfront decision of trying to save money on buying an inexpensive washing machines then you could end up paying for it later buy it ruining clothes or worse breaking down. If you are looking for a high end washing machine that will clean your things properly and provide you with a quality product as well, then you should be considering a bosch washing machine. Checkout best quality front loading washing machines here.

Bosch Washing Machines

Bosch washing machines have a lot to offer to you, the first thing being how energy efficient that they are, which is important for the environment as well as cost saving, since higher energy usage leads to price increases. Unlike top loader machines, Bosch front loading machines use very little water, 13 gallons for their larger machines, and requires less electricity to run.

Additionally, the spin cycle offered on bosch washing machines can be as fast as 1200 RPMs (depending on the machine), which drastically shortens your drying time (saving additional power needed to dry your cloths). You may have experienced when you put clothing in the dryer and run it for a cycle and when you come back the clothing is still damp. This is not the case when using a bosch washer and dryer set.

Multiple Wash Cycles With Bosch Washer

Another benefit to using a bosch washing machine is that you have up to 15 wash cycles (again depending on the model that you choose). Having so many options means that your delicate will really be washed in a delicate mode and your heavily stained items will get the long heavy wash that it needs. This also gives you the option to choose a lower wash cycle when you have less clothes to wash which is more energy efficient.

In addition, all bosch washer machines have internal heating elements that ensures that when you want to wash your clothing in truly hot water you are not dependant on the hot water your hot water heater can generate and their is no worries about running out of hot water either.

Different Models Of Bosch Washing Machines

With the many models you can choose from, bosch washing machine will work for large and small families alike. Models offer different cycles, load sizes (2.1 cu. ft. to 4.4 cu. ft.), Energy Star ratings, stainless steel tubs and sleek modern looks. With all of those options, it is no wonder that so many people are using a bosch washing machine in their home.

Choose Bosch Washing Machines

If you are in the market of for a new washing machines, then bosch washing machines are the right choice to make. You can find them at many local stores, or to ensure that you save the most money, shop around online to get the very best deal.  It may even be advisable to go into a store and ask for a demo, then write the model number down and research online to see if you can find a better price than they were offering.

You have to be careful of online retailers because they can charge a shipping fee, so it i best to look for a website that offers free shipping included with purchase and tax free on their products. Saving on these two parts can alone save you a few hundred dollars.

Bosch Washer Machine Warranty

Another important thing to be aware of is the type of warranty that comes along with the machine. If the warranty is only for a limited amount of time then it is a good idea to renew the warranty and extend it for as long as you own bosch washing machines because you never know when it may fail and become a large expense to fix It not covered under a warranty.

Bosch Washer Machines Offer Many Energy Saving Benefits

When the time comes to buy a new Bosch washer machine or any other brand you are considering, you will find that you have many choices in size, color, style and brands of washing machines.

Long gone are the days of the simple white washing machine that offers three cycles a 200 RPM spin and sizes so small that you couldn’t even throw a comforter in them. It is machines like bosch washer machines that have changed the way that people wash their clothes and it is no wonder when a bosch nexxt washing machine offers so many benefits to those that use them.

Bosch Washer Machines

First of all, bosch washing machines are energy efficient. So much so that you can expect to save about 20% on your electric and water usage. This is a very important feature to help you keep your energy bill low. If you don’t currently have an energy efficient washer and dryer, then this is reason enough to upgrade your laundry appliance. The money you can save is likely a lot more than you are aware of compared to if you keep using your old appliances.

For example a bosch washing machine uses about 13 gallons of water for a whole load of wash while your old fashioned washing machine (top loaders especially) take about 40 gallons, depending on its size. Bosch washing machines exceed the necessary requirements set forth by Energy Star by 102%, which make them a very good choice for those individuals who want to save money on their energy bills.

Energy Saving Benefits Of A Bosch Washer

Another energy saving benefit to bosch washer machines is the spin cycle. That’s right, the spin option helps you to save energy as well. How? Well, depending on the model a bosch nexxt washing machine offers a spin cycle of 1,000 to 1,200 rotations per minute (RPM). What this means for you is that when you take your cloths out of the washing machine, they are practically dry, which drastically reduces the amount of time your cloths need to spend in the dryer and is fantastic for clothing that needs to be hung up to dry as well.

Bosch washing machines come in a variety of sizes from 2.1 cu. ft. to 4.4 cu. ft. and the size you want to purchase will depend on your needs from your washing machine. However, even a smaller family can benefit from a larger machine because many models offer an automatic load size detector, which means the machine will automatically determine how much water is needed to wash your load. Having a larger machine, like a 4.4 cu. ft. machine, means that you can wash extra large items like your king size comforters.

Choose Bosch Washer Machines For Your Next Upgrade

Choosing the right washing machine is important, but choosing a bosch axxis washer machine means that you are choosing a product that will save you money through the years while getting your clothing and other items exceptionally clean. Remember that buying a Bosch washer and dryer may be a large expense today, but the amount of money you will save in energy bills makes them worth it.