Buying Guide to Vacuum Cleaners

Pet Vacuum Cleaners

If there is one thing which is guaranteed to get pet lovers upset it is trying in vain to clear up after their cat, dog or other cute but messy animal.You will find a number of pet vacuum models on the market just now, aimed at these frustrated pet owners. The question is whether they are any good or not. Let’s have a look at a few of the points to consider:

1. Attachments. Very often the key feature with pet vacuum cleaners is a customized head attachment for picking up hairs. This is especially useful if you have to clean in awkward places like pet beds. However, these attachments can also be bought separately, and if are happy with all other aspects of  the vacuum cleaner you already own then you might want to check if you can get a pet vacuum attachment for it before you look at buying a new machine.

2. Reviews. A quick look at both customer comments and independent vacuum reviews will show you that quality and reliability of these machines vary widely, with some models chalking up excellent reviews and other being roundly criticized by existing owners. These will help you choose the best vacuum for pet hair cleaning.

3. Price. In general, and like most things in life you life, you get what you pay for with a pet hair vacuum. Of course, it all depends upon your priorities and needs. If you have a fairly small apartment then you probably won’t be too bothered about spending big bucks on a great big, powerful machine. Equally, if your home is big and gives you a lot of cleaning work then cheap vacuums may prove to be a false economy for you. With so many quality vacuum cleaners available, choosing the best vacuum cleaners in India is a frustrating task.

A Simple Checklist of Vacuum Repair Tips

When your vacuum causes you some problems you really have two possible options; take it to a vacuum repair expert or try and fix it yourself.

Even if you are not a keen DIY fan you might wish to a have a look at a few possible quick fixes, to avoid a potentially costly trip to a vacuum cleaner repair center. Fortunately, vacuum parts are easy to source to online, and if you discover a problem by using the short checklist below you shouldn’t have too much trouble getting hold of the replacement part you need at a reasonable price.

The first thing to look at when vacuum repair trouble shooting is the belt, as this is  the most common fault. In most models you need to look at the bottom of the machine – where the brush is – and take off the little plate which is located on or around the brush. Have a look to see if the belt is broken or twisted. If it is then you are in luck, as vacuum belts are probably the cheapest vacuum parts and the simplest problem to fix. You just need to make sure you note the full details of the machine so that you buy the right size of belt.

Another possibility is that the brush has simply become clogged up with something such as pet hair or a piece of plastic. The only vacuum repair needed here is a quick clean out.

If the vacuum cleaner doesn’t seem to have the same lever of suction that you are used to then you should check in the different hoses and tubes, to see if anything if blocking it.

Don’t Forget The User Manual

Apart from these quick fixes you can also have a look at the user manual, to check out their troubleshooting guide. If you don’t have the manual then you will probably be able to find a version online.

The Importance Of Vacuum Filters

Modern, top quality vacuum filters can trap virtually all of the dust which you vacuum.

Firstly, vacuum filters make sure that the air that leaves you vacuum is a clean and dust free as possible. This is considered especially important by people with young children, and even more so if you have pets in the home. you might see the words ‘hypoallergenic’ or ‘HEPA’ used in the advertising of some vacuum cleaners. These are both ways of saying that the filter system has met and passed rigorous industry standards and that you can be sure that very close to 100% of the dust is going to be trapped by the vacuum filters – usually something like 99.7%.

Secondly, to prolong the life of your machine. Even the top vacuum cleaners can have problems if a good filter isn’t used to protect it from microscopic bits of dust and dirt that can clog it up over time. A lot of  vacuum repair jobs result from faulty or missing vacuum filters.

When To Replace Them

Your vacuum cleaner’s user manual is the best place to check for advice on when and how to clean or change your filter; as all models differ slightly. The period of time a vacuum filter lasts will also depend upon how much you use the machine and if you notice that more dust is starting to escape from the machine than usual then there is no harm in increasing the frequency with which you carry out this important maintenance task.

When you need to purchase a new one you will see that vacuum cleaner filters are among the most easily available vacuum accessories sold online, although you should buy a new one of a similar standard and price if you want to maintain the efficiency of the cleaner. Choosing brand name models such as Miele, Electrolux or Eureka vacuum filters will give the best results.